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Board Members & Staff

Wayne County Board of Elections

2022 Board Meeting Schedule

Board Members

The members of county boards of elections are appointed by the Secretary of State. Each county’s board of elections has four board members, two members representing each of the two major political parties. Boards of elections carry out state and federal law as instructed by the Secretary of State and by board policies adopted by the board’s members. Board members serve for staggered terms of four years.  The Board of Elections re-organizes in odd-numbered years.  (Year term ends.)


Elizabeth Sheets (D) - Chair (2023)

Ann M. Obrecht (R) (2025)

K. William Bailey (D) (2025)

Charlie Hardman (R) (2023)




The board members must appoint a director, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the board of elections office. The board members also may appoint a deputy director and other employees, as the board members deem necessary for the board to fulfil its statutory duties. The director and deputy director are appointed to two-year terms. However, the director, deputy director and employees serve at the pleasure of the board.


Julie Leathers Stahl - Director

Rich Corfman- Deputy Director


Bryon Bell - Election Technology Manager

Morgan O'Rourke - Election Operations Manager

Shannon Pritt - PT Election Specialist