Election Security

The Wayne County Board of Elections is tasked with administering secure, fair and transparent election activities in Wayne County, Ohio.  We take Election Security seriously and are continually working to educate, prepare and proactively respond to the latest trends and activities to ensure safety and accuracy on a daily basis.

WCBOE has recently completed an Elections Infrastructure Security Assessment (EISA), which encompasses hardware and software upgrades, vulnerability scans, network testing, and outlines best practices for cyber health.  These best practices have been implemented by staff.  The EISA also included guidelines for response and recovery should a cyber incident occur. In addition, Ohio Secretary of State Directive 2019-08 outlines a host of security measures that each Ohio County Board of Elections must adhere to by January 2020.  WCBOE is in the process of working through various measures to comply with this Directive.

WCBOE participates regularly in webinars, trainings, and networking sessions facilitated by the Ohio Secretary of State, MS-ISAC, EI-ISAC, CSG and CTCL to keep current on the latest trends and threats in the cyber world and works closely with Wayne County IT Specialists to ensure our department's cyber health.


December 3, 2019 / By Wayne County Board of Elections

Primary Election 2020

March 17, 2020

Registration Deadline is February 18, 2020

Absentee Voting (both by mail and "early" in person) begins February 19, 2020

Schedule for In Person "Early" Absentee Voting



Election Notice for use With the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) R.C. 3511.16 - 46 Day Notice

   --this document has a complete listing of candidates and issues



November 27, 2018 / By Wayne County Board of Elections

There will be a special, joint meeting of the Wayne County Board of Elections with the Wayne County Board of Commissioners to discuss Physical Security Improvements on January 9 at 1:30 p.m.

Note:  The majority of this meeting may be held in Executive Session.


January 26, 2015 / By Wayne County Board of Elections

The Ohio Association of Election Officials (OAEO) produced this video to help provide the public with an inside glimpse into the planning of each election. Each county board of elections follows these processes to ensure that a successful election is administered. The Wayne County Board of Elections is a member of the OAEO.